Apply to join Anarchy of Shadows clan.

Step (1): Before you apply to Killerz Matrix, you need to know the following standard requirements.

1. At least 2000 kills with overall Kills/Deaths ratio of 1.00 at the moment of applying.

2. The player should have minimum at least 1 month experience of playing PB2.

3. The player should not be in any clan while applying. In simple words, clan law number one, ‘Multiple-Clans’ are not allowed.

Note: We recruit only those people who are loyal with good intentions and who can contribute here.

Step (2): You need to register to Forumotion website in order to post your application.

Step (3): How to submit your application:

a) Go to applications.
b) Click New Topic button.
c) Write your PB2 username in the title.
d) Type # after username to show number of times you are applying.
(e.g.  Title: “PB2 Username #1” for example, if you applying for the first time).
e) Copy and paste application templates in the reply field.

Quick Tip

Just try to be genuine in your answers. You need to put some efforts into your application. The more is not always good. So, keep your answers to the point. We are not here to listen to your stories. We need reasonable answers. Going in casual mode while applying will sure lead to denial. Don’t tell us what we want to hear. Rather, make sure to give why you want to be here. Most importantly, you are advised to avoid the following common mistakes which are absolutely negative results.

Reason(s) For Denial

01) Weak and casual answers.
02) Some questions left blank intentionally.
03) Incomplete & Unclear answers.
04) Failure to disclose all alt accounts.
05) Failure to disclose last clan details.
06) Copied from other applications.
07) Lying.
08) Multi-clans detected.
09) Hiding facts or important information.
10) Inactivity for continuous for a week and 1 extra day just in case.
11) Specify if any.

Application Template(s)

1. PB2 username:

2. PB2 account link:

3. Current Kills/Deaths:

4. Overall Kills/Deaths ratio:

5. List of alternate a/cs with profile links:

6. List of clans you have been in during your PB2 career and state why you left those clans:

7. Have you applied to any clan in the last 30 days, if yes, mention:

a) Clan’s name:
b) Application’s time/date:

8. Who referred you to Killerz Matrix:

9. Name of the Killerz Matrix clan member(s) who you know:

10. Name the server(s) where you often play (1. California/2. Washington/3. Europe):

11. Your average ping(s) in those server(s):

12. Your country time zone. Example – (GMT+/-):

13. How long have you been playing PB2:

14. Why do you wish to join Killerz Matrix?:

15. Which of the following suits you perfectly?:

a) I have no clan to join:
b) I was kicked out of my last clan(s) and just need one now:
c) I just need a clan or tag to show or live with:
d) Its easy to join Killerz Matrix:
e) Someone from Killerz Matrix asked me join it and nothing else:
f) I am here because ‘Clan-Hopping’ is my hobby:
g) ‘Clan-Wars’ is my specialty:
h) My last clans just died or were pretty inactive:
i) Killerz Matrix clan members are nice & helpful, (How & Why?):
j) Any other you have in your mind:

16. How can you contribute to Killerz Matrix? (Try to explain each of them):


a) Map making:
b) Loyalty:
c) Activity:
d) Playing skills:
e) Website designing skills (Forums, WordPress, Discordapp etc):
f) Clan montage videos (making/editing skills):
g) Recruitment management skills:
h) Making Killerz Matrix more popular, stronger, larger, and better. (How?):
i) Dedication, cooperative and supportive:
j) Any other specialty:

16. Give your activity details. (How active you are or you can be?):

a) PB2 maps:
b) Forumotion/WordPress:
c) Discordapp chat:

17. Why do you think you can fit in well with us?:

18. I will stick to Killerz Matrix clan laws, respect fellow members, never try to, in any way, leave Killerz Matrix clan without prior notice and if found otherwise, Killerz Matrix clan has every right to ban or kick me out of the clan. Do you accept? (Yes/No):

Step (4): Acceptance of the application is subject to:

a) Clarity and Authenticity of the information given in the application. Lying means denial on the spot.
b) Tone of Response to our questions.
c) Voting phase: We will have voting poll, once ‘Question & Answer’ session is over. Poll will last one whole week plus an extra day in case nobody votes during the week. Getting votes less than 3 will result in rejection.

Step (5): After your application is accepted, we will conduct a ‘Skill & Attitude’ test. This test will be carried out by one of our official testers. The place, date and time will be fixed by you and by the tester.

a) You will have to get a passing score of 6 out of 15. If you fail your test, you will be denied.
b) Watch out for your behavior in game. A bad impression can also lead to denial. Therefore, you are requested to deliver a nice overall performance during the test.

Step (6): Probation Period (PP):

Once you pass ‘Skill & Attitude’ test successfully, you will become an unofficial member. You will be on a “5-day period of probation” during which our ‘High-Ranking’ members will review your overall performance such as dedication, cooperation, contribution etc. During this period, you will be able to comment on & rate new applications. We will keep a check on you during (PP) if we see your intentions are good, you will become official member.

Advice: Try to be cool, supportive and of course active during your stay in Killerz Matrix clan.


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