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I, FRC10, joined PB2 multiplayer after I finished all campaign levels successfully in easy mode. I played as a guest in multiplayer for only 2 weeks. I met many good skilled players. So I could not stop myself creating an account named FRC10 in PB2 just to talk to them because pros never bothered ignoring guests back then. I desperately wanted to be like those pros lol…

I really didn’t know about clan thingy. Perhaps it didn’t matter to me as I was getting good at this game until I met Yuza who was a very good skilled player and he ‘rekt’ me almost every time when I bumped into playing with him in any map, especially in “ID: strydesniper” map. In fact, it was really a fun to learn moves, tactics, tricks, aim spots, self boost etc from those pros.

Time passed, me and Yuza became best friends. We developed a good relationship. We had fun chatting and playing with each other. One day he applied to Biohazard clan and I applied to Genocide clan. He got into Biohazard clan as an unofficial member and I became an official member of Genocide clan. He was later on denied after he went horny in Biohazard clan’s chat. I wasn’t also having a great deal of time in Genocide clan as I felt alone and neglected. It appeared to me that they favored only those players whose country time zones were similar to them. Besides, some of them were too proud of their owning ranks. Apparently I had no choice except to bid adios to Genocide clan. And that’s all with joining a clan.

You might be having a question as to why I didn’t look up to Biohazard clan from the first place. Here is my answer, which most of you would probably consider ‘true’. I have played with some Biohazard clan’s members back then and I was seriously disappointed by their attitude and conceited behavior. I ignored them completely or maybe vice-versa who knows *laughing*… So we both decided to destroy their members (Biohazard and Genocide) playing in PB2 approved and unapproved random maps. We had fun teaming up to absolutely wreck them. It felt so awesome. Oh yeah!

One day I asked Yuza, “Can we create a new clan where almost every players could feel like they are at home?” He responded affirmatively. And so began the search for a nice clan name. After a while we came up with the name PuLse. Within a short span of time, we got bigger as Yuza had so many friends who instantly joined PuLse. PuLse clan members were all pros.

It was going great until sudden crash of PB2 maintenance server. My first clan was going through existence crisis. However, we survived, but only to see Yuza stuffing forums with his ‘crazy-porno’ materials. Later on it was hacked and nuked partially. I tried to warn him of leaving PuLse clan, but it was too late for me to do anything to help it. I had to wish goodbye to it eventually.

Our friendship was at stake but somehow I managed to swallow all my anger. That moment I felt like we were on the verge of turning into enemies. I just kept quiet and saw PuLse clan is dying. I let it go like a bad haunting nightmare. I knew I had learnt an important lesson during that phase of trauma. After all, past is a past. You have gotta move on. So had to I?

Yuza ignored me whenever I asked him what made him to bury our dream? He casually said… “Dude be cool… It was just a clan, damn it!” I could not stop myself bursting into laughter. I thought to myself “Look before you trust someone blindly!“.

I needed time to relax and I took one month break from PB2 community to overcome that harrowing experience. Later I played PB2 and got bored. I felt nostalgia about those good days at PuLse clan. I had an idea to create a clan alone. It took me a week to find a name, that was ArKenstone for my new clan.

I started learning how Forumotion works. I was in touch with our PuLse clan member Wolfder. I asked Wolfder to help me. He became first member of ArKenstone clan. However, Wolfder had no idea about Forumotion. So I had to work on it alone. Silencehunter was a friend of mine so I invited him to ArKenstone clan and he joined it without any delay. One day I met a skilled player, blackdreamxdd and I tried to talk to him about ArKenstone clan. A few days later he was with us in ArKenstone clan. He became a nice friend of mine. I remember he was more active than me and Silencehunter. He invited good players to ArKenstone clan. He tested them whenever I could not be able to do it. He was with us during the bad times. His loyalty and boldness are his true assets. I would always be in his debt for his contributions.

It was all going good. We started owning PB2 servers. But something worse was waiting for us to bear and it happened. Wolfder left ArKenstone clan saying that he didn’t liked the clan’s name and he wanted me to change it as per his suggestion. The name he suggested was similar to his old clan name and therefore I simply didn’t accept it. It was a big blow to ArKenstone clan as he had more friends in PB2 than us that could have been beneficial to ArKenstone clan, if he just could stay with us a little bit longer.

Silecnehunter and blackdreamxdd were standing by my side. They were mature and helpful. One day Silencehunter dedicated and committed himself to ArKenstone clan. He went on to help ArKenstone clan so much that I could not resist myself promoting him to leader rank. He became first leader of ArKenstone clan apart from the founder i.e. myself FRC10. We formalized selection process and put a solid foundation for ArKenstone clan. We grew slowly because only pros were able to be accepted into ArKenstone clan. Though members were low, number never became a problem for that matter.

A player was accepted without application, his name was ooo and he was my friend too. He was more skilled and older than me in PB2. ooo was the most active member on the chat and he is still now. We all continued our journey along. We were not aware that a player’s PB2 username was similar to our clan name. It all started getting messy and confusing. ooo was then more active in PB2 than us all. So he advised me to sort it out as soon as possible. I asked Silencehunter‘s permission and it was all good to go for it.

Me and ooo took the job seriously and have gotten very busy thinking of a very unique yet simple name. That’s how Killerz Matrix came into existence and we all welcome it. Finally, we turned more professional. We are Killerz Matrix now and we will be no matter what.

What could have never been imagined by us was there to see, a clan war. Our nemesis, Young Rich Nation clan started abusing us and kicking us out of maps. We were not prepared for it, yet we stood tall against them. However, for some reason, probably good ones, the war was called off by us. We ignored them. The fire was there to see and is still alive. We chose to forgive and forget. Rising above hate is a virtue of Killerz Matrix clan.

A slowdown in terms of activity on chat and forums crept in our clan. It was ooo who took care of Killerz Matrix clan and was subsequently promoted to leader rank as he showed his ability to fully handle, manage and lead Killerz Matrix clan while me and Silencehunter were gone inactive for a long period of time due to some personal reasons. In our absence, he really looked after Killerz Matrix clan very well. His services to Killerz Matrix are acknowledged and his efforts to revive some activity on chat and in game are admirable.

Last but not the least, we, the clan mates of Killerz Matrix, owe all the members hearty thanks and wish them all very best of luck in their lives. Hold on to each other in here! Love you all.

P.S. Many clans were popped up into existence during our time but they could not match our strength and were either gone inactive or became dead. We are still here and we have not come here to die. Hell ya we are one of the most active clans in PB2 right now.

~ It’s been an honor serving with you all here…

  • Made by FRC10.

    Quick note from Author Roman. This history will continue.


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