Join Anarchy of Shadows clan by invitation.

As per new recruitment system (RP), here’s some detail if clan leader or anyone of privileged members or professional members, they will be known as ‘High-Ranking’ members, directly asks or invites you to join, the player will have two choices to make

1. You can refuse the recommendation of join via invitation. Just because it’s a personal decision.

2. If the player accepts the offer, he/she will have to do just as the ‘High-Ranking’ members say. Well for example you might have a question. Like what am I supposed to do to join or apply etc. If you have any particular reason why you can’t join. Feel free to share your thoughts to ‘High-Ranking’ members, or having problem with joining or applying etc.

3. However, the following information has to be submitted by the player in a form of application similar to applying by applicants as mentioned above. We need this information to know you better.

Application template(s):

1. PB2 username:

2. PB2 account link:

3. Current Kills/Deaths:

4. Overall Kills/Deaths ratio:

5. List of alternate a/cs with profile links:

6. List of clans you have been in during your PB2 career and state why you left those clans:

7. Have you applied to any clan in the last 30 days, if yes, mention:

a) Clan’s name:
b) Application’s time/date:

8. Who referred you to Killerz Matrix?:

9. Name of the Killerz Matrix clan member(s) who you know:

10. Name the server(s) where you often play (1. California/2. Washington/3. Europe):

11. Your average ping(s) in those server(s):

12. Your country time zone. Example- (GMT+/-):

13. How long have you been playing PB2:

14. Why do you wish to join Killerz Matrix?:

15. Which of the following suits you perfectly?:

a) I have no clan to join:
b) I was kicked out of my last clan(s) and just need one now:
c) I just need a clan or tag to show or live with:
d) Its easy to join Killerz Matrix:
e) Someone from Killerz Matrix asked me join it and nothing else:
f) I am here because ‘Clan-Hopping’ is my hobby:
g) ‘Clan-Wars’ is my specialty:
h) My last clans just died or were pretty inactive:
i) Killerz Matrix clan members are nice & helpful, (How & Why?):
j) Any other you have in your mind:

16. How can you contribute to Killerz Matrix? (Try to explain each of them):


a) Map making:
b) Loyalty:
c) Activity:
d) Playing skills:
e) Website designing skills (Forums, WordPress, Discordapp etc):
f) Clan montage videos (making/editing skills):
g) Recruitment management skills:
h) Making Killerz Matrix more popular, stronger, larger, and better. (How?):
i) Dedication, cooperative and supportive:
j) Any other specialty:

16. Give your activity details. (How active you are or you can be?):

a) PB2 maps:
b) Forumotion/WordPress websites:
c) Discordapp chat:

17. Why do you think you can fit in well with us?:

18. I will stick to Killerz Matrix clan laws, respect fellow members, never try to, in any way, leave Killerz Matrix without prior notice and if found otherwise, Killerz Matrix clan has every right to ban or kick me out of the clan. Do you accept? (Yes/No):


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