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*FRC10 (A)
*ooo (A)

Privileged Members

*blackdreamxdd (A)

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*Guest-45675 (I)

Official Members

Mammba (I)
Ghiliodas (I)
*Kubara (A)
*IsRiP (I)


Unofficial Members

*MeGaBoT1 (A)


Hopix (I)
XxSnIpErHeadShotsxX (I)
*Pablinkz00 (I)
kameronshazier22 (I)
LuckSniper (I)

Ranking System

  • There are five official ranks and two external ranks in total and which are as follows in the descending order:


You probably do not need an introduction to this rank. To reach there, the very first step is crystal clear, you must fully understand the working and functions of the clan. Nobody just gets this rank unless the person truly deserves it. What it takes to become a clan leader has always been stuck around one principle:

Act like one by taking responsibility and delivering it successfully. As a matter of fact, there is no shortcut or straightforward rule to achieve it. You have to prove that you are worthy of it no matter how long you have been in the clan.


Lead the clan simply the way it deserves. Full authority to do anything except breaking any prevailing rule of the clan. Help grow Killerz Matrix clan into a strong group of pros.

Privileged Members:

This is the highest rank after Leader rank. The privileged rank is not easy to gain. In fact, it really demands a great deal of efforts and contributions. Broadly speaking, a deserving member can achieve it only by hard work, dedication, experience, loyalty, contributions and being active. You must have completed at least six months in Killerz Matrix since accepted officially.


Pass decision on applications. Moderate forums and website, about chat, we have special role for moderate chat and its @Moderators, in accordance with moderation powers respectively. Update members list from time to time. Plan and convene ‘Members-Meeting’ on monthly basis. Keep in touch with other clans. Suggest fresh ideas. Manage and organize clan stuffs responsibly. Invite experienced players to join Killerz Matrix. Handle ‘ClanWars‘.

Professional Members:

The members of this rank are called ‘High-Ranking’ members. This rank will be conferred upon only those official members who have actively stayed long enough in Killerz Matrix clan with positive attitude. The period of stay for promotion has been decided to be at least three months from the date of becoming official member.


Recruit new members. Handle whole recruitment process. Train and test them. Rule the leader-boards.

Official Members:

This is the very first official rank in Killerz Matrix clan. The name of the rank as such is self-explanatory, but it takes skill, knowledge and time to get it.


Be active on chat, forums and in game. Make more friends. Become professional in game. Get more kills in approved maps and experience through more practice.

Unofficial Members:

Unofficial members includes those applicants whose applications have been accepted but they have not either been tested by the official tester or are going through (PP).

Function: Be active on chat, forums and in game. Get tested by the official tester.


Non-members are the ones who have registered on the clan forums to apply. Simply, they are just registered users.

Function: They can apply to join in the future or just continue lurking around.


(A) – Stands for ‘Active’ and represents active members.
(I) – Stands for ‘Inactive’ and represents inactive members.
– Stands for ‘Retired and presents retired members.
* – This sign represents members with correct gamer-tag & nickname.

: Please if you do not have a red sign in front of your name. You must get it as soon as possible. Just look below and it will be obvious. Don’t be a individual. Except for ‘Non-Members’.

e.g. GamerTags: Choose the best ‘Gamer-Tag’ in your personal opinion.

a) |KzM| Username
b) |KzM|Username
c) Username |KzM|
d) Username|KzM|

Current Members –  10
Non-Members – 5
Update Log – The 25ᵗʰ of April /2017/


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